With the climate and so much accessible, sports are natural option for this far Southern California city. Get ready to have SoCal excitement, sports-style!

San Diego sports and recreation

Golf San Diego

The weather is stunning pretty much all year long in San Diego, California. That means you need to get out and take benefit of it. Golfing deserves your focus especially since this city has some perfect public golf courses. Maderas along with Torrey Pines are 2 of the best. Guys before celebrating in the evening this place is fantastic to do golfing in and then having your San Diego strippers accompany you on a golf cart and serve you guys beer is so fun. Have the girls hang out with you for a few hours on the golf course before heading back to the hotel room and celebrating your weekend event. Call the company listed above to set up the event planning to have your exotic dancers perform for your guests or just be eye candy and hang out on the golf course serving you beer.


Get gnarly and get a board to surf some amazing waves. This place is a surfing hot spot. If you do not already surf, lots of locations provide lessons. San Diego Surf Lessons at 707 Pacific Beach Dr. is a killer location to learn. Another winner is the San Diego Surf School at 4850 Cass St. Both of these will ensure that you will actually surf.

If you already surf, there is lots of locations to hit. Mission Beach, Pacific Beach, Blacks Beach and more are best. Ask around and you will find out even more.

Other sports action

Catch a game at Petco Park. Visit Torrey Pines for their glider port. They have best instruction and also provide a tender experience. Fun just to watch too. If you like paddle boarding, Mission Bay is the location for you. The bay is saved from waves which equals smooth padding waters for you.

USS Midway aircraft carrier museum

Check out these behemoths that would carry over four-thousand personnel plus all the aircraft. A best journey into military aviation history.

Cabrillo monument

Even though this is not severely military, it is chill nonetheless. Here you can find out about early history of San Diego. The Cabrillo Monument is on bluff overlooking both the Point Loma Submarine Pens and North Island Navy Base. This means you will generally view subs, different military ships, fighter jets and more coming in and going out of harbor place.

Craft beer city

Dudes, San Diego is paradise for craft beer.  It is remarkable all the craft breweries, brewpubs,and more they have in and around this place.

Stone brewing

Stone brews a great range of craft beers. For a craft outfit, they are pretty huge. This is plus for us because they have a gigantic beer garden. So, drink some delicious craft in San Diego sunshine.



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